FANBASE / Mendizorrotza cheers on the team

Mendizorrotza cheers on the team

The Blue-and-White stadium has become one of the most colourful and exciting venues in LaLiga.

This is Iraultza

Since our childhood, El Glorioso has been in our hearts, and our endless dream has been played out on the pitch. We were, and so we will always be. This is Iraultza Arabako Garrasia!

Primera is my obsession

Fill my heart with happiness. Primera División is my obsession. You have to give it your heart and soul, give it all up to be a champion. They'll see us return to Primera División, and they'll see Deportivo fans go wild.

The fanatic life

Anyone who leads a Blue-and-White life knows that it's the best, that this life is wild and must be lived. We mustn't keep quiet - it's my fanatic life and I want to live it singing (x2).

Momentos de Mendi