The popular Babazorro the Fox is the Deportivo Alavés mascot.

The word 'Babazorro' comes from the Basque language. ‘Baba' means bean, and 'fox' means sack. The word defines, then, storekeepers of beans or, as it has come down to us nowadays, bean eaters, since in Alava’s province there was a large quantity of this legume.

In May 1997, Zorro Babazorro was born under Iñaki González-Oribe’s design. Deportivo Alavés announced a competition between designers and publicists to create their mascot. In his design, González-Oribe chose a fox: "It is an agile, fast, smart animal... it has all those qualities that a good football player must have", and it turned out to be the winner of the competition.

Zorro Babazorro encourages children and seniors every game day in Mendizorroza. The popular mascot of Deportivo Alavés is very much loved by the Albiazules' fans because of the friendliness and cheerfulness that he shows at all times. He cheers, applauds, dances, takes pictures with the fans, plays with the little ones, signs autographs... Zorro Babazorro is always ready to support the ‘albiazul’ ensemble.