"Oh, the brave Blue and Whites” begins the composition by Alfredo Donnay

The Deportivo Alavés anthem was composed by Alfredo Donnay, a Vitorian musician and poet. The song is very popular with fans and can be regularly heard during matches in Mendizorrotza.

Oh, the brave Blue and Whites,

with all the strength you possess.

Remembering the glory

of great Deportivo Alavés.

Vitoria's faith is in you

and all of our hopes too,

so that in your group, one day,

the champions may be you.

Come on, brave Deportivo!

Let's fight with dignity

to triumph once again

for our team, and our city!

Go forth now, brave Deportivo

with nobility and might!

All of Vitoria's by your side

to cheer you through the fight.