Baskonia – Alavés Group presents its project in Finland

A great step to continue strengthening the entity in the technological & sports field


08/02/2018 10:08

After the announcement of the cooperation agreement between Baskonia – Alavés Group and Fox In The Box few weeks ago, and together with the same partners, the group has presented during the last days its technological-sports and international expansion project in the Finnish cities of Oulu and Helsinki.

Baskonia – Alavés Group has had the privilege of being the main guest at the presentation of some of the best technology companies of the University of Oulu, which are developing high-level technological projects to be integrated into the sports industry. Additionally, the group has presented its project to those companies and other attendees with the intention of finding synergies and developing some of these purposes together.  

The University of Oulu is ranked as one of best in the world due to its educational model and also a benchmark for the large number of successful cases in the technology sector that have been born and continue to develop in it.

After this first contact, Baskonia – Alavés Group takes a big step and starts collaborations with some of these companies to implement new technology within its sports and business structure.